This week's blog comes straight from our sister company, BIDBI. BIDBI deals with all bag orders of 200pcs, and is home to our eco-factory and office hub. Florence, our new Sales & Marketing Intern, had this lovely message to share, about local social enterprise, HOPE.


Florence joined the team last month, as part of Sheffield University's Internship Scheme, to help out our teams at BIDBI, Doodle Bag and Talented. Florence is a current student at Sheffield University, and now comes into the BIDBI/Doodle-Bag office one day per week on the side of her studies, to gain experience of sales and marketing. So far, she's got to grips with Salesforce, done some invaluable market research, and helped to organise our extensive collection of bag samples.


Here she is beavering away at her desk:


Giving Sheffield HOPE


Alongside her work at BIDBI, Florence has been involved with local social enterprise HOPE Cosmetics, and wants to spread the word about what they do. HOPE works with survivors of human trafficking to make natural cosmetic products, helping them to develop their employability in various aspects of business, and empowering them to grow their own futures. Florence has been involved with HOPE alongside her university studies, helping out with various aspects of what they do, to make Sheffield a welcoming place to gain employment experience.


Giving Sheffield HOPE


We're always keen to showcase local schemes and enterprises, and to see them making a real difference in our home city. Please check out HOPE online at or on twitter@hope_cosmetics to find out more.