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About Doodle Bag

Doodle Bag is an online shop and design tool, through which you can create, upload or modify artwork to be printed onto your very own eco-bag. We stock all kinds of bags, t-shirts, baby clothes, and even underwear, all fair-trade and ethically sourced. You think it and we print it!

Doodle Bag is run by the Award Winning BIDBI Team in Sheffield, England. We've been printing eco-bags en-masse for years, and are now proud to offer individual print runs direct from the Doodle Bag website.

Man making a bagWe started Doodle Bag because many of our customers were asking for a one-off printed eco-bag, perhaps to give as a gift or to showcase their own bag art. Some businesses just needed a handful of bags to give to their VIP clients or some wanted a few to promote their brand at an event. It was difficult for us to achieve this through BIDBI which, due to more complex administrative systems, has a minimum print order run of 200 pcs. 

So we set up Doodle Bag, which through its easy-to-use design tool and ordering system, enables you to order just one printed bag, and other bespoke printed stuff, without any fuss…and fast.

You can also showcase and sell your design on our online shop, for which you get a royalty fee and a link back to your website. The shop is therefore created by you, which makes it totally this season and surprising too! We feature the work of up-and-coming designers, so you can grab a gorgeous printed bag straight off-the-shelf.

See our FAQ Page for more information about our company, its products and services.  We look forward to printing what you’re thinking!


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